Shaving Sucks

shaving sucks

So I haven’t shaved me mug in a while and got a pretty legit beard growin now. People ask me why and I always tell them cuz it’s cold and the beard keeps me warm. But the real reason is, that shaving sucks. It’s such a hassle.

Electric shaving doesn’t get a close enuff shave and using razors takes forever.

  1. Splash yur face
  2. lather up soap/foam/whatevs
  3. shave, clean razor (repeat this a few times)
  4. wash off face
  5. apply aftershave/gel/whatevs


Worst part about shaving: getting cut. Specially right before yur goin out on a date or some shit. Holy moly that shit can bleed like a mofokka and won’t stop!

Maybe I should try lazer hair removal?


2 Responses to “Shaving Sucks”

  1. I totally feel you on this one. I shave once every two weeks.

    My girl bitches about it all the time, and I just keep telling her “I hate shaving. Fuck it.”

  2. Oh, another excuse I use is “I’m not shaving until the Eagles/Phillies win the Super Bowl/World Series.” That could literally take two or three lifetimes to happen.

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