CD Packaging Nightmares

You know how music industry is all up in arms because they say MP3s are killing their CD sales and shit? Complete bullshit! It’s the damned way CDs are packaged. Here’s a little scenario about what happens when you buy a new CD:

First you gotta break through that silly plastic wrapping, and no matter how long your nails are, that shit never comes off. And there’s never a sharp knife or some scissors around.

After the plastic removal, you’re onto level two… the damn sticker on top, that wraps around the edges. Impossible to peel off a little corner. And you wont be able to rip it off in one piece. It always breaks which makes it even harder to remove. Most of the time you just end up leaving half the sticker on which looks like total crap.

So now you got your CD finally open and you try to grab the CD out of the case. But it’s kinda stuck, so you press on that thing in the middle and whadayaknow… some of the tooth break off!

Anyway, you pop the CD in your playa and while you listen you want to sing along with the lyrics which are in the booklet. But POS is hard to get out. It’s somehow stuck behind some little oval piece of plastic that’s supposed to keep it in place.

You decide to give up and close the CD case… and than one of the hinges breaks off.


2 Responses to “CD Packaging Nightmares”

  1. I appreciate the complaint, as it is a huge (and obvious) problem. I challenge you to pick something more subtle? I love our local CD store because when you buy a CD there they ask if you’d like them to open it. So you can go home with a well-opened CD. I love it!

  2. Didn’t know CD stores would do that for ya. But what if I bought CDs from an online retailer?

    Oh and don’t get me wrong… I’m not anti CDs. I would never buy an mp3, I want something tangible. I’m just anti CD packaging.

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