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Posted in hate with tags , on April 12, 2008 by nicandstick

american airlines blows

As if a 10 hour flight from a funeral in Japan wasn’t enough, upon clearing customs I find out my connection was canceled. Had to spend the night in Seattle, then got re-routed through 5 different airports before I made it home. In Milwaukee we had to leave our terminal and go back through security where a TSA officer decided to throw away our boarding passes. Spread ’em!


Bad Haircuts

Posted in hate with tags on April 11, 2008 by freedomtocreate

Absolute worst is when you move and you have to explain to some random lady at super cuts how she should cut your hair. When you know damn well she hates her job, hates you and is scheming to give you a jacked haircut so you’ll go home, look in the mirror and hate her too.

CD Packaging Nightmares

Posted in hate with tags , , , on April 11, 2008 by huphtur

You know how music industry is all up in arms because they say MP3s are killing their CD sales and shit? Complete bullshit! It’s the damned way CDs are packaged. Here’s a little scenario about what happens when you buy a new CD:

First you gotta break through that silly plastic wrapping, and no matter how long your nails are, that shit never comes off. And there’s never a sharp knife or some scissors around.

After the plastic removal, you’re onto level two… the damn sticker on top, that wraps around the edges. Impossible to peel off a little corner. And you wont be able to rip it off in one piece. It always breaks which makes it even harder to remove. Most of the time you just end up leaving half the sticker on which looks like total crap.

So now you got your CD finally open and you try to grab the CD out of the case. But it’s kinda stuck, so you press on that thing in the middle and whadayaknow… some of the tooth break off!

Anyway, you pop the CD in your playa and while you listen you want to sing along with the lyrics which are in the booklet. But POS is hard to get out. It’s somehow stuck behind some little oval piece of plastic that’s supposed to keep it in place.

You decide to give up and close the CD case… and than one of the hinges breaks off.

Cack Cack Cack

Posted in hate with tags , on April 5, 2008 by huphtur

Some fat lady is visiting the neighbors. She has the most annoying laugh everrr. A really loud cackle that makes my bones rattle.


Family Window Stickers

Posted in hate with tags on April 4, 2008 by freedomtocreate

So ya… I’ll admit it, I hate on a lot of things… Esp. the little fads that people get into with their cars. Spinner hub caps and fake Hawaiian lays from the mirrors, you know what I’m talking about. You could pretty much know what type of person is driving depending on what type of pointless little trinkets were hanging on the mirror or spinning from their wheels.

So lately it’s been these family stickers. I guess its important to know whose whose babies are “on board”. Hats off to the dude making all the loot by selling all this junk.

Hater out.

Shaving Sucks

Posted in hate with tags on April 4, 2008 by huphtur

shaving sucks

So I haven’t shaved me mug in a while and got a pretty legit beard growin now. People ask me why and I always tell them cuz it’s cold and the beard keeps me warm. But the real reason is, that shaving sucks. It’s such a hassle.

Electric shaving doesn’t get a close enuff shave and using razors takes forever.

  1. Splash yur face
  2. lather up soap/foam/whatevs
  3. shave, clean razor (repeat this a few times)
  4. wash off face
  5. apply aftershave/gel/whatevs


Worst part about shaving: getting cut. Specially right before yur goin out on a date or some shit. Holy moly that shit can bleed like a mofokka and won’t stop!

Maybe I should try lazer hair removal?

Decaffeinated Hate

Posted in hate with tags , on April 3, 2008 by nicandstick

Coffee Enema

HATING this caffeine headache I’ve got right now. It makes me want to HATE some more!